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Dispensaries that have made it on our list shown their dedication to their patients by keeping consistent product availability. We can all agree that nothing is worse than finding out the product you need/want is out of stock.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone to a dispensary, waited to be called back and find out that they are out of the product I came there for. As an elderly patient, this is extremely frustrating as I can’t drive to multiple locations.

Jane McAllister, Mesa, AZ


Only locations that carry reputable and effective brands make it on our list ensuring whatever product you choose to go with, you’ll be happy with the effects. No need to guess if a dispensary has quality products, we have the spots chosen for you!

As a regular cannabis user, I have tried many different products and brands which have given me mixed effects. The same product from a different brand will have less of an effect; knowing this I visit the dispo’s website and call them ahead of time for availability and there’s been times where they push products on me that look the same, but not effective.

James Murphey, Phoenix, AZ


Whether you’re a new or regular cannabis patient, questions do arise and having a knowledgeable budtender makes a world of a difference when choosing a product. Forget about the rude and unknowledgeable budtenders out there, these locations we have listed make every visit an enjoyable experience.

With Arizona now being a recreational use state, I was excited to be able to experience the cannabis world, but was overwhelmed with all the different options. The first handful of dispensaries I went to were horrible experiences with rude budtenders who didn’t have any knowledge execpt for; This will get you really high.

Alexander Palkins, Phoenix, AZ

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